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Categories and Eligibility

BESarawak partnership categories

  • Honorary
    A special category for dignitaries and key professionals in the Business Events industry.
  • Premier
    Conferred to Anak Sarawak Awards winners from year 2013 onwards. Recent winners of the Executive Partnership will automatically be upgraded to this category.
  • Executive
    Created exclusively for YOU, the active business event player in Sarawak.


Business categories

  • Government and business events agencies: A dedicated BE department or agency from the Malaysian federal or Sarawak state government.
  • Industry establishments: Large or medium sized international and national corporate; association; or organisation based in Malaysia – who have organised or bringing potential corporate events to Sarawak.
  • Accommodation and Venues: Any venue in Sarawak that could accommodate a meeting’s requirement e.g. Convention and exhibition venues, multipurpose venues, unique off site venues, purpose-build venues, boutique suites, hotels with/without meeting facilities, building with meeting facilities.
  • Meetings and Events Management: Registered event organisers who provide products and services in Sarawak with/without supplying transportation and logistics; or a dedicated in-house department to organise events in Malaysia e.g. professional conference organisers, event management company, destination marketing company.
  • Adventure and Leisure: The management offices of special service providers or local places of interest in Sarawak e.g. Galleries, Museums, National Parks, Sports facilities, Special interest tours, Restaurant and catering, Lounge and bar
  • Meetings industry suppliers and services: Printing services, Web Design, Creative production, Advertising and Marketing agencies, entertainment, cultural troops, equipment and manpower hire, Corporate gifts, Photography, Videography, Audio Visual & Lighting Services, Marketing consultants, IT solutions/systems
  • Transportation: Airlines, Airports, Cruise, Specialty transport providers, Bus services, Taxi services.
  • Media: A partner of National media in broadcasting, print and online.

*Approval and cancellation of partnership applications are at the discretion of Sarawak Convention Bureau.

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