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Categories and Eligibility

Three categories of BESarawak partnership are available:

Category 1 Honorary
Honorary BESarawak Partnership is a special category if you are a dignitaries associated with Business Events profession.

Category 2 Premier
The Premier BESarawak Partnership is conferred to Anak Sarawak Award 2011/2012/2013 and recent winners. In addition, if you are a recent winner of the Executive Partnership, you will be automatically upgraded to this category.

Category 3 Executive
The Executive BESarawak Partnership is created exclusively for YOU, the active business event player.

Sub-categories for Premier and Executive Partnerships:

Sub Category 1 Association
If you are an active international-affiliated and national association based in Malaysia; if you organise or bring potential convention business to Sarawak, then the Association BESarawak Partnership category is for you.
Sub Category 2 Corporate Organisation
Eligibility for the Corporate Organisation BESarawak Partnership is open to large and medium sized international and national corporations based in Malaysia if you have organised or if you bring potential corporate events to Sarawak.
Sub Category 3 Industry Partners

If you are a major player in business events and you provide products and services in Sarawak, you are eligible for the Industry Partners BESarawak Partnership. These include businesses involved in the following categories: –

  • Venues and Accommodation
  • Event Management
  • Destination Management
  • Professional Conference Organisers (PCO)
  • Other suppliers: Equipment Hire, Photography and Video Production, Print and Visual Design Production, Transportation, Tourist Attraction, Tourist Guide, Restaurant and Catering

Sub Category 4 Government Agency
If you are a department or agency from the Malaysian federal or Sarawak state government, then the Government Agency BESarawak Partnership is yours to claim.

Sub Category 5 Media
A partner of national media in broadcasting, print and online? The Media BESarawak Partnership is open to you.

*Approval and cancellation of partnership applications are at the discretion of Sarawak Convention Bureau.

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